Work Role: development

COSMIC, a NASA project

Infographic about the COSMIC application suite. Lists features Engineering, Logistics, Documents, Activities, Event Planning.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Desktop view of homepage featuring a happy student and the headline, 'Gulf Coast Dreams. Gulf Coast Degrees.'

Members Exchange Credit Union

Desktop view of the homepage featuring fun, energetic photography and the headline, Exchange your bank for something better.

Laguna Blue Towels

Homepage features stark design with large, cut out photo of towel

Mid-South Medical Imaging

The Mid-South homepage prominently features a product search component

Reformed Theological Seminary 50th Anniversary

50th microsite intro screen - Trust, Love, Serve overlayed atop an image of a professor

It’s Super Easy

Home page consist of a dramatic shot of one of the heroes accompanied by a web form styled to look like futuristic UI

Farm Bureau FavreRates Website

FavreRates intro screen

Mad Genius 10 Year Anniversary