Aside: Statuslog 01/24/2023


I love that one can say “There are robots on Mars,” and not be lying. There are ROBOTS ON MARS, yall.

Aside: Statuslog 01/24/2023


It has occurred to me that for the past few weeks I have begun frequently using the term “fancy pants.”

Aside: Statuslog 01/24/2023


Working on a little web app when suddenly out of nowhere my brain goes, “What if 1Password goes away and the app no longer works and you can’t get any of your passwords and 1Password somehow lost all of their backups and you really need your passwords like right now? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO THEN, PRAY TELL?”

Aside: Statuslog 01/19/2023


Love this instrumental album, Voyager 1, by Adam Young. Only recently did I learn the artist is also Owl City.

Aside: Statuslog 01/19/2023


Changing your VS Code theme is a dangerous move, possibly leading to hours of wasted time. I hate it when I get the urge.

Aside: Statuslog 01/18/2023


I’m using https://debirdify.pruvisto.org/ to find my Twitter follows on Mastodon.

Aside: 01/18/2023

Attention everyone using Linktree. Imma need yall to switch over to the far superior and much friendlier omg.lol. That is all. Thank you.

Aside: Statuslog 01/17/2023


In the Tuesday / Thursday meeting. We started abbreviating it to TTH. Then started calling it the “tooth.”

Aside: Statuslog 01/17/2023


I’ve been obsessed with omg.lol since signing up a week ago. Its fun, people-centered, old-web-meets-new-web vibe is lit and I’m 100% here for it.

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/17/2023

I’ve been on Twitter since 2008. I use Tweetbot for Mac because I hate Twitter's web interface.

But it seems like Twitter is no longer allowing third-party clients. So I’m finally getting around to checking out Mastodon.