Aside: Mastodon post on 01/17/2023

I’ve been on Twitter since 2008. I use Tweetbot for Mac because I hate Twitter's web interface.

But it seems like Twitter is no longer allowing third-party clients. So I’m finally getting around to checking out Mastodon.


Aside: Statuslog 01/17/2023


I did some custom integrations to get my statuslog and my social.lol posts saved on my microblog. https://blakewatson.com/microblog/

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/17/2023

It’s silly but I feel like Mastodon instances are like little countries and when visiting them I’m like, "Oh, I wonder who lives here?

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/16/2023

I'm not gonna lie. I'm posting this so I can test an IFTTT integration. But I don't come empty handed. Here is a joke for you.

Why did the web designer leave the restaurant?

They didn't like the table layout.

Aside: 1Password

I don’t like 1Password’s reveal button on the lock screen because I miss the thrill of correcting a mistyped password without seeing it.

Aside: Statuslog 01/14/2023


Microsoft’s Fluent emoji look pretty great. The lying face is weirdly off-putting. Loving them over here on status.lol tho! I’m interested in whether the novelty will wear off and make them too loud. https://medium.com/microsoft-design/emotionality-at-work-398182387adc #noxp

Aside: Statuslog 01/13/2023


I just realized that I think of Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a “new movie.”

Aside: Statuslog 01/11/2023

I got so used to the coffee at my last employer that now I drink it at home. Community Dark brewed with a Mr. Coffee machine. Get your fancy pants stuff out of my face.

Aside: 01/10/2023

Dear RSS reader,

I am removing microblog posts from my main RSS feed. If for some weird reason you would like to continue getting them, please subscribe to the following feed:


What remains are the 3–5 articles I write per year, usually about web development and personal projects.

Aside: Statuslog 01/10/2023


I find myself wanting to post emoji reactions to statuses on status.lol. But all you can do is look. Maybe that’s how it should be.

Aside: Statuslog 01/10/2023


Feeling grateful for all the free and open source software out there that keeps civilization running.

Aside: Statuslog 01/07/2023


If everything worked correctly, this status should show up at https://blakewatson.com/microblog.

Aside: Holiday Sprint 2022

I started holiday vacation today and I have a plan drawn up to catch up on side projects. I’m calling it Holiday Sprint 2022.

I started with some quick updates to my DIY Pinboard replacement and managed to knock out the whole backlog!

Heading Tasks followed by a list of completed tasks. Run some sort of backup task. Could be a simple `cp` command weekly. Cache the bookmarks locally and load those first (did I already do this?). When clearing search, automatically reset the results. Warn if about to save a duplicate bookmark. Clicking a tag in the suggestion box should collapse the box. Show the tag suggestion box in the search bar. Fix the light mode loader. Support searching for URLs.

Aside: Holding

I don’t mind holding and listening to silly music. I get it. Customer service is swamped. But I hate the recurring message telling me how important I am every 10 seconds.