I’m working on a NASA software project called COSMIC with MRI Technologies .

Side projects

I’m doing a talk on home-cooked apps at MagnoliaJS 2023.

I made a solitaire game with PixiJS:

I’ve updated my side project, A Fine Start. New logo and site design. There’s now an annual subscription option, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Fun and stuff

I’m currently obsessed with a little web service and community, It’s $20 a year and you get so many fun things—a customizable profile page, an email forwarding address, a cute little statuslog, a weblog, subdomain URLs with DNS, a paste bin, a now page, a URL shortening service, and access to communities via IRC, Discord, and a Mastodon instance. 🤯

I wrote a novella in November 2022. I’m not publishing it anywhere but it was fun and I hope it leads to doing a bit more hobbyist fiction writing.

Working on a now page. (I did it!)