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Aside: Mastodon post on 09/06/2023

  • Arc browser
    – The new Edge design
    – The new Slack design
    – Craft

What do you call this UI design style?

It’s sort of modular, delineating between the window container and inner containers. Rounded corners everywhere.

Aside: Mastodon post on 09/01/2023

I'm one of those people who enjoys making fun of Tailwind even though I've never used it.

But I keep hearing the same thing from different people who like it. They don't put it in these terms, but what I hear is:

Tailwind lets you style things without naming a bunch of things.

Not saying this is an insurmountable problem of other CSS methodologies, but just that Tailwind involves less coming up with names.

And naming things, as we know, is one of the two hard things in computer science.

Aside: Mastodon post on 08/23/2023

After sending a message (email, text, chat), I:

  • Assume it’s correct
  • Know it’s correct because I proofread b4 sending
  • Immediately proofread it
  • Immediately proofread it even tho I did b4 sending

Aside: Mastodon post on 08/23/2023

idk what Mailbox > Synchronize does in macOS Apple Mail but synchronizing literally anything isn’t one of them.

Aside: Mastodon post on 08/21/2023

My weekend project. I recently backed a Kickstarter for Writer Emergency Pack XL, a deck of cards, each one with a creative prompt for getting a story unstuck.

Problem is I can’t really handle a physical cards. And it seems they discontinued their accessible, web-based version.

So I got someone to help me scan in all the cards. Then I built a little card viewer thingy in HTML.

I don’t think I have the right to share it, so I’ll have to drop a few screenshots instead.