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Aside: 08/09/2020

Sometimes I have an irrational fear of new code concepts or problems.

Example: I put off learning about JS’ requestAnimationFrame for years just because it looked scary. When I took an afternoon to make a little canvas game, I realized it wasn’t scary at all.

Getting over this irrational fear of new things is one of my tips in Finishing side projects.

Aside: 08/05/2020

I hope that one side effect of the pandemic is a lot of new songwriting by all of our favorite artists.

Finishing side projects

Side projects are one of the most fun things about web development. Here I discuss various tips and tricks for getting side projects over the finish line.

Aside: 07/22/2020

I’ve been using Operator Mono as my code editor font for years, but today I grabbed Operator Mono ScreenSmart and it’s great. It especially improves legibility of light themes in my experience.

Aside: 06/16/2020

Adobe is discontinuing Flash after 2020. No more updates and it won’t even play Flash content after that date. I hate Flash as much as the next person but there are so many great old Flash games that will be made unplayable; which is kind of sad.