Update 9/19/19: This website is no longer online.

I worked on this site at Mad Genius as the primary developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on design, content, and production.

FavreRates intro screen

The site was part of a larger ad campaign for Farm Bureau. From Mad Genius’ case study:

In March of 2015, Farm Bureau and Mad Genius introduced FaveRates to the world. FaveRates promised customers everything they love about auto insurance: Local agents, competitive rates, and fast, friendly service. But what about legendary NFL quarterbacks and fire-breathing monster trucks? Turns out folks love that, too, which is why we turned up the madness and rolled out a series of fun, quirky TV spots featuring none other than former Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre.

The FavreRates site was an Easter egg, really. A project born of a play on words (FavreRates vs FaveRates). The goal was to have a choose-your-own-adventure experience that let users have fun and also drove traffic to Farm Bureau’s quote engine.

Screen with three questions

Choose your nickname, Brett’s mood, and the topic, and you get one of over a dozen videos that take you on a monster truck ride with Brett Favre—but not until he drops some knowledge from his Playbook of Wisdom.

Riding shotgun with Brett Favre
Monster truck spinning
Share screen