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Minimal color illustration of a white man with brown hair, headphones, and wearing a red shirt emblazoned with a ringed planet silhouette.

I’m a software engineer, side-project enthusiast, hobbyist game developer, sometimes writer, and full-time wheelchair user.


Mimicking e-ink with macOS

I wanted the feeling of an e-ink monitor, and I realized that with the right settings in macOS I could get something close.

Things I miss

Let’s be sad together for a moment, and then get back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

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I lost the ability handwrite for years now. It’s chief among the things I miss (

I was thinking of collecting scans of old writing samples (I think I have enough) and creating a font as a way to restore my lost handwriting, in a way.

I really don’t know where to start or how difficult it would be to accomplish given that I can’t produce new samples.

If anyone has resources or direction to giv me, I’d appreciate it!

Watching MKBHD’s interview with Tim Cook at WWDC24. In it, Tim says “Our model is one where we want to empower you to be able to do things you couldn’t do otherwise.”

I feel this really hard. Apple’s accessibility features are S-tier and I can’t overstate how much they impact my life for the better.

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