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Minimal color illustration of a white man with brown hair, headphones, and wearing a red shirt emblazoned with a ringed planet silhouette.

I’m a software engineer, side-project enthusiast, hobbyist game developer, sometimes writer, and full-time wheelchair user.


Mimicking e-ink with macOS

I wanted the feeling of an e-ink monitor, and I realized that with the right settings in macOS I could get something close.

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For some reason I decided that my HTML for People book (I'm experimenting with calling it a book because it's starting to feel like one) needed an appendix chapter on “CSS basics.”

This is by far the most difficult part of the entire thing why do I do this to myself whyy

I set out to style the quaint, white page with its long runs of Times New Roman and I thought to myself, “first, do no harm.”

One of my favorite things is putting on my AirPods Pro, turning on noise cancellation, and then not listening to anything.

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