This entry originally appeared on my disability blog, I hate stairs.

Now that I’m finishing up my last semester in school, I’ve been thinking about the future, about the opportunities I will have, about the opportunities I have let pass, and about the difficulties I will face on the road ahead. Sometimes, the difficulties bring me down. Sometimes, my mind dwells on the things I can’t do, the places I can’t go, the job I can’t get, the freedom I can’t keep, the hug I can’t give, the instrument I can’t play, the strength I can’t muster, or the person I can’t be.

On a quite ordinary night, I happened to see this compelling performance by Hugh Laurie playing Dr. Gregory House. It portrayed the way I felt with remarkable accuracy. (The video will take a few seconds to start playing)

(Aw, the video is no longer available. Bummer.)

I know you’re suppose to keep your chin up and not feel sorry for yourself, but sometimes I feel like I need to dwell on the difficulties. They’re part of the story. Keep reading the story long enough, and you will find the happy ending.