I hate stairs archive

This is an archive of entries that I (and contributors) wrote on my no-longer-maintained disability blog, I hate stairs.

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A system for tracking personal care hours

3 apps that make everyday computer use less annoying for people with disabilities

Demo of the Chubon Keyboard and HippoRemote Pro

More efficient typing with the Chubon keyboard layout

Strangely Enough


Where shopping is a pleasure

Inclusion is attitude, not policy

Phillip Parris

“Walk it off” vs. “Roll with it”

Behind the scenes

How I’m using my new iPad from theGSF

Pee Math

A dream

“Life Rolls On” in review: Two atrophied thumbs up as high as I can muster


12 months, 12 journeys, 12 lessons

Social novel writing and inclusion

Imagine Conference 2011 – Day 1 Keynote

Customized web accessibility options

Here’s to the crazy one himself

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: The Creator of the Apple Culture

We still have our dreams

Disability gets a shoutout from the web design world

A virtual WordPress meetup?

I hate conflict

The mystical gods of employment find favor in our very own, Matt Watson

Having a severe disability doesn’t lend itself well to power outages

Cool new accessibility feature in iOS makes using gestures and physical buttons easier

The world of employment for people with disabilities

Jobless rates among disabled

Mississippi ranks lowest in Medicaid service

Epic adapted controller preview

BBC documentary supports suicide for disabled people

Terry Pratchett documentary

Everyone is fragile

Losing weight as a crip could result in side effects

We Hate Stairs: A creative community


Why campus life was perfect for me

A place for creative crips

Not your average run of the meal experience

A more fluid social life

Hit the ground running


My handful of worthy goals for 2011

Of writing fiction during NaNoWriMo

Well that didn’t go so well

This past year was research (or “A premium WordPress theme in two weeks”)

The tangible world

A car negotiation from the perspective of the car

Theme update

Mississippi needs a Web conference

A really tiny keyboard

The on-screen keyboard in Windows 7 is a giant leap forward

Getting accessible books should be this easy

A dream


Fourth Quarter

How to win a video contest

Of disability, Web design, and opportunity

Apple and the value of universal design

The end of an era

Meet Sue

Onscreen Keyboard FAIL: Why Mac’s Keyboard Viewer Is Utter Atrocity


Dr. Torchinsky and Dr. Pepper

Handwriting recognition with Bamboo Fun

A new toy

Finding your happy ending

Now you can hate stairs too.

T-shirts coming soon

Reaching for the Straw

CSS Shortcuts for KeyStrokes

Activists hate on Jerry Lewis

The trouble with “The Trouble With Jerry”

My letter about the MSU Student Association

The formal disability world


What to do in May?

My computer might be too intelligent

Suspended Typing

Dasher: zoom, zoom

Where I’ve been



A Wheeled Stalker

Disability Blog Carnival No. 49: Lists

A balancing act, literally

Announcing theme for Nov. 13 carnival — “Lists”

Blake explains the ongoing Disability Blog Carnival

Why you’re about to spend $20 on an indie documentary

Darius Goes West: Pre-screening thoughts

We’re making a scripted reality show

I’m droppin’ classes like they hot

Rally for the Republic: Live in Minneapolis, MN

Disability Awareness: A book review of sorts

Programs, Activities, Festivities

A restroom takeover

Birds of a feather flock together

Hate propaganda on deviantART

Back 2 School, everybody’s doing it

A needless theme change

I hate progress

Fútball Footage

Don’t listen to me, I’m just scared

How to cough like you mean it

Let’s talk about opportunity

It’s all about me

Which one?

Joseph Smith and his will to survive

Viva la Vida

Standing on the promises

They’re everywhere

Introducing the Jackson Jammers

Does the system want me on or off?

Why I hate stairs, an introduction