This entry originally appeared on my disability blog, I hate stairs.

I was taking a look at my blog stats this morning. Someone found my blog searching for “Why we hate disabled people.” It always cracks me up when I read search terms that people have used and found my blog.

I Googled the phrase out of boredom and curiosity. Here is an excerpt from the post I found on the deviantART forum.

[Disabled people] are just so slow and i think how much of a burden they are to their care-ers. just think how much money and emotional strain and stress that their parents must get. and to add to that, the parents would loose friends, possibly loose their jobs to pay for and look after their “child”.

You can imagine how the following discussion in the comments went. Or you can read all 33 pages of them like I did (well, I skimmed).

Seriously, I wasn’t all shaken up or anything, there’s much worse things going on besides a dumb Internet kid. But it was just so ridiculous. Even if it was satirical or meant to be a joke, it was just nonsensical.

So I reported the user to the deviantART’s helpdesk. He should get kicked off just for being a jerk.