This entry originally appeared on my disability blog, I hate stairs.

The following is a video short I created for the What Can YOU Do? Video Contest hosted by the Campaign for Disability Employment. The goal was to make a 60-second video that is related to people with disabilities and employment. The contest is over now, but a winner has not yet been announced. This was my entry:

And here is a transcript:

Meet Sue.
Sue is an employee.
Sue is an employer.
Sue is a manager.
Sue is a mentor.
Sue is a teacher.
Sue is a writer.
Sue is a speaker.
Sue is smart.
Sue is funny :-)
Sue is exciting!
Sue is engaging.
Sue is a wife.
Sue is a mother.
Sue is a person with dreams.
Sue is a person with aspirations.
Sue is a person with a disability.
Sue is a person.

(at 60 seconds, video fades to credits)

Created by:

Blake Watson