This entry originally appeared on my disability blog, I hate stairs.

A break from disability blogging today.

Ron Paul, his supporters, and like-minded individuals have gathered in Minneapolis today amidst the Republican National Convention to “rally” behind the idea of a free America. The Rally for the Republic has come at a crucial point in United States history. Many voters I know are students who are going to be voting for the first time. And they don’t know who to vote for. One candidate promises change, but proposes policies that furthers federal government control. The other candidate promises to not raise taxes, but plans to keep investing in an American empire all over the world, including a possible conflict with Iran.

Today, 10,000 people came together in Minneapolis to say “enough.” Those who could not be there, are with them in spirit… and watched the live video at Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty.

I was one of them.

As of only a few days ago, I knew not for which candidate I would vote. Today I am proud to say that my vote will not likely go to John McCain or Barack Obama. I have not yet decided whether I will vote for the Libertarian Party candidate or the Constitution Party candidate. Or who knows, I may write-in Ron Paul. But whoever it is will share my beliefs about the economy. I fear we are headed for a depression as bad or worse than the Great one.

Ron Paul has addressed problems with our economy (e.g. inflation). He has plans to cut federal spending by not letting the federal government overstep its boundaries, set forth in the Constitution. The government’s involvement in healthcare has helped to drive up medical costs while putting more red tape between doctors and their patients.

I’m tired of beurocracies. I’m tired of government waste.

I want an America that doesn’t rely on the government to fulfill all its wants and needs. Power should lie with the people.