This entry originally appeared on my disability blog, I hate stairs.

In the mostly quiet hallway of Mississippi State’s Disability Support Services (DSS), sits a square table that has been the source of many a legend (think Knights). But this time. The forces of that square table will push its popularity to a new height. A group of students, including the beloved Blake Watson, are planning a reality show based on the daily activities of the square table. Except scripted.

The show will be much like The Office. In fact we’re pretty much copying the format to the letter. Our group is already kind of funny, so exaggerating our personalities and throwing in some fictional attributes will make for some hilarious scenes.

I’m still coming up with the characters. The show will be built on Jimmie (my student attendant). He’s going to be the “normal” character who’s not too silly or dramatic, but still has a personality (think Jim). I’m going to be a “disabled elitist” (my term I think) who calls people out on every potential degrading thing they could do or say. Even if what they say or do has to be construed. Matthew, a friend of mine who has low vision, is going to be our “blind friend” who constantly worries that he’s being excluded from our group because we use wheelchairs and he doesn’t. And when I say worry, I mean conspiracy theorist.

Shooting it is the next issue. Obviously, my standards aren’t high. I’m thinking a digital camera that does video would probably be good enough. I think we have one. I’ll check the library as well. What I’m worried about the most is people’s voices picking up. Anyone got some advice there?

We also need a name. I thought about The Square Table, but I think it should be something a little more descriptive.

Any ideas?