Homebrew package for setting specified audio input device

I had an annoying situation where, when my AirPods connected to my Mac, they would take over as the active input device (ie, microphone). I didn’t want that because I already have a nice microphone setup. So I set out to find a way to prevent that behavior.

I failed.

The only solution I’ve been able to find is to change the input device back to my good microphone after AirPods connect. The easiest way to automate this is to use a package called switchaudio-osx and the ToothFairy app (also available via Setapp).

Install switchaudio-osx with:

1brew install switchaudio-osx

ToothFairy can run a shell script after AirPods connect. So I’m using that to run:

1SwitchAudioSource -t input -s "MICROPHONE NAME HERE"