Laguna Blue Towels

Role: Design, Development

I worked on this site at Mad Genius as the primary designer and developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on brand, content, photography, and production.

Laguna Blue Towels was a fun first for me — the chance to work with a new product coming to market.

Homepage features stark design with large, cut out photo of towel

Laguna Blue sells microfiber towels that have some advantages over their cotton relatives. The primary goal of the site was to position their towels as the nicer, more efficient, and cleaner choice.

Further down the homepage is the top features of the towels - Bacteria Resistant, Soft and Absorbent, Eco-friendly
Featured product video displayed prominently in a lightbox

Mad Genius did some excellent branding and I had the opportunity to add some flourish to the web logo by animating the droplet mark.

Animated GIF of the Laguna Blue logo

Another unique requirement for the project was a presentational element that could be used to run on TVs at trade show booths. This led to the development of “The Difference”, a look at quick facts about Laguna Blue.

Intro slide - The difference overlaying a blue multiplied product photo
A quick fact
Another quick fact

As usual, we fully supported mobile devices, an important aspect to a budding lifestyle brand.

Three phone mockups showing different sections of the homepage