Mad Genius 10 Year Anniversary

Role: Development

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I worked on this site at Mad Genius as the primary developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on design and content.

In honor of our 10th birthday, we took a look back at the last decade to pull out the most genius moments in technology, pop culture and more. Take a walk through recent history with us.

The goal was to create a full-screen, interactive experience that was fun and memorable.

Intro page
Intro page

Clicking “Start” transitions to the first slide. Each slide features a full-screen image and some copy that describes the reasoning behind our pick. As you move through the slides, a progress bar keeps track.


Each slide has something of a B-side. When you click the goggles, you get a deeper look at our pick in the form of a little-known factoid. The alternate slide, or “goggle view,” covers the original slide, but keeps it just visible through a blurry green tint.

Goggle view
Outro page