Members Exchange Credit Union

Role: Design, Development

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I worked on this site at Mad Genius as a co-designer and primary developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on brand, content, photography, and production.

Desktop view of the homepage featuring fun, energetic photography and the headline, Exchange your bank for something better.

Members Exchange, as a financial institution, wanted its website to be as accessible to its users as possible. That meant complying with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines AA standards.

I learned a lot about web accessibility on this project and I realize I’ve only just scratched the service.

We also revamped the brand with new styles and art direction, and building the website was part of that.

Desktop view of an overview page about credit cards, depicting clean typography and organization.

What might seem like a small part of the site but was a lot of fun for me were the financial calculators Members Exchange provides. I had the opportunity to modernize the user interface and make the calculators reactive with Vue.

For example, this single deposit calculator takes a deposit amount, an interest rate, and a number of years and provides the future value of the deposit along with the interest earned.

Desktop view of the calculators page with a single deposit savings calculator.

As always, mobile is huge and the site is fully responsive to meet this need.

Mobile views depicting mobile-optimized UI components.