Reformed Theological Seminary 50th Anniversary

Role: Design, Development

I worked on this site at Mad Genius as the primary designer and developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on content and production.

RTS needed an immersive storytelling experience to celebrate 50 years of success as an institution. The result is a microsite that looks at the significant moments in the last 50 years, as well as the positive impact RTS continues to have today.

50th microsite intro screen - Trust, Love, Serve overlayed atop an image of a professor

The microsite features an interactive fullscreen timeline of significant points in RTS history:

Large black and white photo of a church assembly in progress. The year 1968 and a description are displayed underneath

RTS collected stories from alumni, faculty, and friends that capture the breadth of RTS’s impact on the larger community.

A collection of user-submitted photos and testimonials

In addition to the storytelling components, RTS needed the microsite to serve as a way for people to RSVP for the celebration event as well as get the event schedule and travel information.

A page showing event information and a large photo of RTS' iconic white house
A fulscreen navigation menu with links to sections of the microsite