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Aside: Mastodon post on 02/24/2024

Ok @eleventy peeps, what’s the secret to getting nice highlighting and prettier formatting on njk files? Feel like I saw a toot about this recently and can’t remember who it was.

Aside: Mastodon post on 02/20/2024

I need a recommendation for a budgeting tool that makes it easy to get your transactions into it.

I currently have a Numbers spreadsheet with recurring income and expenses. But there are some estimations here and it’s not giving me a clear enough picture.

Aside: Mastodon post on 02/13/2024

I’m totally fine with paying for services. I do it all the time. I probably overdo it. BUT…

I’m a little miffed at IFTTT. I was using a free integration for the past year. Then it suddenly quit working. Turns out they decided to charge for it now.

Look I can sympathize with trying to price a SaaS. But saying something is free then charging me after I’m relying on it isn’t cool.

Luckily it’s easily replaceable by a cron job.