Aside: Mastodon post on 08/08/2023

Not sure the word “gardens” in the phrase “walled gardens” is really holding up.

Aside: Mastodon post on 08/08/2023

I need to put up a fairly simple survey that will need to collect a few text fields, but also possibly a file upload.

I am assuming less than 100 responses (probably much less).

It doesn't have to be free, but as it's kind of a one-off, I'd like to avoid a subscription.

What is a good service I can use for this that won't be too much of a hassle?

Aside: Mastodon post on 08/06/2023

Read “Just normal web things” by @hbuchel (heather-buchel.com/blog/2023/0) and I second all of these, especially the scrollbar bit.

There seems to be a terrible trend where the scrollbar gets neglected and forgotten. That’s a shame because it is a useful tried-and-true UI control. More about that:


Aside: Statuslog 08/03/2023


I was trying to get to get some work done when suddenly my brain decided that it needed to see a list of all Death Cab for Cutie albums ranked RIGHT NOW.

Aside: Statuslog 08/02/2023


My wheelchair’s joystick stopped working when I got back home from a doc appointment. So I swapped out the joystick for the one on my previous chair. It worked, but turns out the orientation of that one is off by like 45 degrees. So I had to rewire my brain on the fly in the heat just to get out of the van and into the house. Took about 30 minutes.

Related: this is the best Coke Zero I’ve ever had.

Aside: Mastodon post on 08/01/2023

Re-reading a post I wrote about going back to WordPress. I’m proud of this excerpt:

“With 30% of the web, we might as well say that it is ubiquitous. And it’s good. Much like Helvetica, WordPress is very seldom the worst choice that you could have made (even if it isn’t always the best).”

That number is in the 40s now.


Aside: Mastodon post on 07/31/2023

I bet if you went back 100 years and described Spotify/Apple Music/Bandcamp to them, they would assume that in the future no one is working and everyone is listening to music all day every day in some kind of utopian paradise.

Aside: Mastodon post on 07/31/2023

Prettier just formatted its own configuration file when I hit save. Is this the singularity?