Aside: Mastodon post on 02/02/2023

Twitter (Musk I assume) has it backward. Their API isn’t just providing value to apps. The apps provide value to Twitter.

They want to charge for API access, but they're only hurting themselves because they risk losing a lot of third-party functionality that Twitter users enjoy.

Aside: Statuslog 01/31/2023


Ok, time to work on this thing. Oh, let me start some music. Wait, the Spotify version of this album doesn’t have the bonus track. No problem, I’ll use Bandcamp. Wait, then I can’t scrobble to . I bet there’s a way—ah, yes a browser extension. I’ll install that. Ok, now what as I doing again?

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/30/2023

I thought my 1Password install was effed somehow. But turns out there is currently a known bug in 1Password that is preventing it from connecting with the browser extension.

Aside: Statuslog 01/29/2023


Reading Kill It with Fire: Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones) by Marianne Bellotti.

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/28/2023

I _______ CSS.

  • loathe writing
  • could take or leave writing
  • enjoy writing
  • fantasize about spending all day everyday writing

Aside: Statuslog 01/25/2023


The quick blinks became slower, more deliberate. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a second, he thought.

Some say he’s still out there at a desk somewhere, sleeping.

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/25/2023

It's funny. I was firmly in the mastodon-looks-cool-but-I'm-too-lazy-to-switch camp before joining omg.lol. Partially because I didn't know what instance to join. Kind of had decision paralyses.

Then I was like, oh it comes with a Mastodon I count if I want one… hmm…

Fast forward to now (a few weeks later) and I'm really enjoying it more than I thought I would.

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/25/2023

I’m a frontend web developer working with a NASA contractor. I have a disability called spinal muscular atrophy. Because of that I’m interested in—and often write about—assistive technology.

I love side projects and run several of them. You can find out about my projects and interests on my website: blakewatson.com

Topics I post about:

Aside: Mastodon post on 01/24/2023

I used to consider the potential longevity of products and services before investing time and money into using them.

I would ask, "Will this be around in a decade?"

When it came to huge corporate names, I felt safer. It never occurred to me to ask, "Will a billionaire purchase this and ruin it?"

I see things differently now. I'll see a small indie project and think, "This'll probably last longer than Twitter did."

Aside: Statuslog 01/24/2023


I love that one can say “There are robots on Mars,” and not be lying. There are ROBOTS ON MARS, yall.

Aside: Statuslog 01/24/2023


It has occurred to me that for the past few weeks I have begun frequently using the term “fancy pants.”

Aside: Statuslog 01/24/2023


Working on a little web app when suddenly out of nowhere my brain goes, “What if 1Password goes away and the app no longer works and you can’t get any of your passwords and 1Password somehow lost all of their backups and you really need your passwords like right now? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO THEN, PRAY TELL?”

Aside: Statuslog 01/19/2023


Love this instrumental album, Voyager 1, by Adam Young. Only recently did I learn the artist is also Owl City.

Aside: Statuslog 01/19/2023


Changing your VS Code theme is a dangerous move, possibly leading to hours of wasted time. I hate it when I get the urge.

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