11ty peeps, say I have the following:

- 10-my-first-page.md
- 20-my-second-page.md
- 30-my-third-page.md

I'm setting the permalink thusly:

permalink: "{{ page.filePathStem }}/"

What is the easiest way to get 11ty to ignore the number in the slug that I am using just for sorting purposes? I would like the permalink to be, for example:


But currently I get:



It’s that time of year in the US where you don your ceremonial robes, prepare your incantations, and bring all your wit and wisdom to bear…

…in accurately guessing how much money you owe the government.


What do people use for deploying/building code these days?

I use DeployHQ and I like it but I’m limited to 10 projects on the lowest tier. Next plan is double the cost so I’m shopping for alternatives because I have a lot of tiny projects.

I’d prefer not to have to write YAML.