I’m working on a beginner HTML tutorial series and I’m just finding out that YouTube embeds won’t work in a non-ssl context like a local web server.

Do I have any good option for getting around this? I’m not gonna make a beginner deal with self-signed certs.


I’m so happy about a longstanding bug that was fixed in macOS Accessibility Keyboard, the built-in onscreen keyboard.

The accessibility keyboard has word prediction similar to how an iPhone does. Problem is, it usually crapped out in browser-based editors (probably because of how weird `contenteditable` regions are).

But in the latest version of Sonoma it’s working beautifully! That means I can now easily write in apps like Obsidian and my own write.omg.lol.


The latest version of macOS fixed a longstanding bug in the Accessibility Keyboard that prevented word prediction from working properly in browser-based text-editing environments (I’m assuming it’s something to do with contenteditable regions). Because of that behavior, I was never able to give Obsidian a a proper try—word prediction is a must for me if I’m writing anything more than a sentence or two.

So I’ve installed Obsidian, exported all my Bear notes into a folder in Dropbox, and I’m giving it a shot. A nice benefit of Obsidian operating on a “folder of files” is that I can draft blog posts (like this one) directly in my site’s src folder. Kinda neat.

Abilities blakewatson.com/about/

JavaScribble. Summon swarms of spaghetti code from thin air and hurl them at the target of your choice. You take 1d8 psychic damage per npm module used. The target exceeds the maximum call stack and is destroyed.

Cascading Soul Siphon. Hex your target with a pseudo-class, shifting them -9999px into an alternate dimension.

Purify. Recite the incantations of the Old Ones—you and your target lose all scripts and styles laying bare your unmitigated hypertext.


I have a chicken and egg problem.

When I publish a blog article I want to include a link to a corresponding Mastodon post. To write the Mastodon post, the article needs to be live. But to publish the blog article, I need the URL to the Mastodon post. But I don’t know the Mastodon post URL until I publish it. Ahhhhh!!

Am I really going to have to deploy my site, post a toot, then turn around and add the link to my site and deploy again? Ugh, there’s got to be a better way.