The Verge: “People immediately grasp the potential for AI to simplify and streamline their daily lives but still prefer humans for more personal tasks like dating.”

Joaquin Phoenix: False.


A thing happens to me on Mastodon that never did on Facebook or Twitter. When I’m not around for a few days I feel kinda bad that I’m not liking/boosting all the cool things yall are writing and making.


This Last Week Tonight segment about Medicaid is spot on. I’m not too dissimilar from one of the disabled women featured in this segment.

I rely on caregivers to get out of bed every day. I’m able to work only because I have access to this care.

But I’m always worried that one day I’ll find out I’m losing everything. It nearly happened one time on a technicality. Fortunately I was able to course correct. But many aren’t so lucky.