Adobe is discontinuing Flash after 2020. No more updates and it won’t even play Flash content after that date. I hate Flash as much as the next person but there are so many great old Flash games that will be made unplayable; which is kind of sad.

Pro tip: if you feel like your DuckDuckGo search isn’t getting the results you’re after and you are thinking of checking Google, add “!sp” to your DDG search. That will search Startpage, which is privacy-friendly Google results.

“I wanted to walk through the empty streets. And feel something constant under my feet. But all the news reports recommended that I stay indoors.”

Just getting rid of some malware with CleanMyMac X.

Screenshot of CleanMyMac X uninstalling Zoom from my computer.

TIL VS Code can enable/disable extensions on a per-workspace basis.

Here are @zeldman's tools for slow design in an anxious world. 🐢

  • Big type
  • Hierarchy
  • Minimalism
  • Art direction
  • Whitespace
  • Branded
  • Authoritative
- Big type - Hierarchy - Minimalism - Art direction - Whitespace - Branded - Authoritative

If your app is gonna support Markdown syntax, then at least support the basic typographical elements. I can’t stand this behavior I see in some apps where bold and italics work but links, lists, and blockquotes don’t.

When I see a well-written error message that not only tells me what’s wrong, but also how to fix it, I’m like… FIX IT YOURSELF if you’re so smart then… sheesh.

Annoying (to me) UI patterns:

  • Hidden scrollbars
  • Menus requiring sustained mouseover
  • Text on top of busy images
  • Newsletter signup modals
  • DIY form controls
  • Infinite scroll
  • Autoplaying media
  • Cookie disclaimers
  • Alerts when leaving a site

I’m still rocking macOS Mojave. At this point I wonder if I can make it to the next major release.

I have this fear that governments will ruin the web and in the future we’ll have to tell stories to our grandchildren about how awesome it was.


Need a quick place to jot something down? I made a little scratchpad. Stores whatever you write there directly in your browser so you can reference it later. That’s it. That’s all it does.

I just realized that in Firefox and Chrome you can select multiple tabs by holding shift or cmd/ctrl and perform actions on multiple tabs at once. #TheMoreYouKnow