One way definitely not to get me to signup for your [WHATEVER] is to pop up a large, garishly animated sign-up box right in the middle of the page while I’m trying to use your website.

I see a lot of “jQuery sucks” or “don’t use jQuery in 2020” to which I say: use whatever works for you. If jQuery helps you make a better website or app, use it. It’s hardly a terrible choice. If anything, it’s battle-tested and reliable.

I’m scared to upgrade to Catalina. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about bugs. Anyone have anything good to say about it?

I just created an IFTTT service to automatically tweet microblog posts from my WordPress site. Let’s see if it works! #testing

I can’t stand reading Twitter threads. Such a disruptive, distracting reading experience.

Figures out a couple of complicated components; gets stuck naming them. #hardproblems

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If you would like to subscribe to my microblog only, use this RSS URL: /feed/?cat=6

Following up on my search for typographically minimal WordPress themes, I found two fantastic ones by Anders Norén: Davis and McLuhan

I really like the (past) work of http://plaintxt.org/. I would really love to see a modern version of it. If anyone is working on quality typographic minimalism in WordPress themes, I would love to know about it.